It's monday already?!

This site provides various backup-methods for your weekly discover-playlist. No additional account is required, just log in with your Spotify account, tune your backup-settings and we will take care of it from there!

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Backup Options:

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Create a new Playlist!

We will create a copy of your discover-playlist every week so you have everything ordered nicely! You can even choose a name, with support for the current week-number(%w) and year(%y), for your playlists.

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Add to an existing Playlist!

Want it compact? We will just append all songs to one of your playlists so you can keep everything at one place.

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Add to "My Music"!

If you don't want to use playlists at all, we got you covered too! We will add every song to your "my-music" library.

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Save it here!

Or, if you don't want to clutter your spotify-account at all, we can also store the songs for you! We will store discover-playlists in our Database, you can access them here